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Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don't form properly. It's a type of neural tube defect. It occurs when a developing baby's spinal cord fails to develop or close properly while in the womb. spina bifida, is a delicate surgical procedure where fetal surgeons open the uterus and close the opening in the baby's back while they are still in the womb this surgery may prevent further damage. Fetal spina bifida surgery is one of the most exciting developments in the history of treatment for birth defects. An extremely complex procedure . #spinabifida   #spinesurgery   #spinesurgeon   #spinalcord   #spinalsurgery   #spinalhealth   #drsaisudarsan   #goodneurologist   #bestneurologistinIndia   #endovascular   #neurologist   #spinesurgery

Honest Facts about C19 (Covid /Coronavirus) #2

Honest Facts about C19 (Covid /Coronavirus) #1

8 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Memory

Taking a nap immediately after exercise can help your memory. There are other unexpected ways of enhancing your brain power.  Your memory is a dynamic, ever-changing entity, and a number of things — from the food you eat to the exercises you do — can enhance cognition. Here are a few tips on how to sharpen your mind: Close your eyes when thinking A study at the University of Surrey found that participants who closed their eyes while answering questions fared 30 per cent better than those who kept theirs open. The reason is that you’re less distracted when your eyes are shut. Talk to yourself Don’t assume people will judge you for doing this. Saying and repeating things out aloud mean they are more likely to stick. It’s called the ‘production effect’: Where the simultaneous action of hearing yourself say the words has a beneficial impact on memory. Check your blood pressure People with high blood pressure are more likely to have problems with memory and thinking ski

Do The Five Help STOP Coronavirus

Proposed Framework for counselling patients about working during the pandemic.

The number of deaths in the last 3 months of 2020

The number of deaths in the world in the last 3 months of 2020 3,14,687 : Corona virus 3,69,602 : Common cold 3,40,584 : Malaria 3,53,696 : suicide 3,93,479 : road accidents 2,40,950 : HIV 5,58,471 : alcohol 8,16,498 : smoking 11,67,714: Cancer  Then do you think Corona is dangerous?  Or is the purpose of the media campaign to settle the trade war between China and America or to reduce financial markets to prepare the stage of financial markets for mergers and acquisitions or to sell US Treasury bonds to cover the fiscal deficit in them Or Is it a Panic created by Pharma companies to sell their products like sanitizer, masks, medicine etc. Do not Panic & don't kill yourself with unecessary fear. This posting is to balance your newsfeed from posts that caused fear and panic.  33,38,724 People are sick with Coronavirus at the moment, of which 32,00,000 are abroad. This means that if you are not in or haven't recently visited any fore