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Animal Vs Human Brain

ANIMAL AND HUMAN BRAINS Human brain is one of the defining features of our species. BRAIN SIZE: Size of the brain indicates its total processing power. A Honey Bee’s tiny brain contains one million neurons. A Nile crocodile has 80 million neurons while a human brain has 90 billion neurons. This link with intelligence is clear. The largest brain at 17lbs belongs to sperm whale. All mammalian brains contain the same components, but they grow in different proportions. A third of the volume of a rat’s central nervous system is made up of the spinal cord, indicating its reliance on reflex movements. By contrast, the spinal cord is tenth of a human CNS. Instead, three quarters is taken by cerebrum in humans, which is used for perception and cognition. BRAIN SHAPE: Sponges have no nerve cells at all. While Jelly fish and corals have a net like nervous system but no central point. The brains of all vertebrates follow the same development plan. Variety is seen in invertebrates. Leec

Neurological Nanifestations of Covid-19

What does the brain do ?

WHAT DOES THE BRAIN DO ? Though most significant feelings are still described as heartfelt, neurosciences prove that the brain drives all body activities. Memory: Brain is a bank of semantic knowledge. This aids in future survival by using the past information. Movement: All muscle movements are caused by nerve cells, though the conscious brain has only limited control over it. Emotions: They are the pre ordained modes of behavior that boost survival chances. They are animal instincts leaking through consciousness. Communication: It is a unique feature of brain. The speech centers control the formulation of language and execution of speech. It also comprehends what others are saying.  Sensations: Brain processes all the information it receives to create a detailed picture of body surroundings. It filters out what is not needed. Thinking: It is a cognitive activity that allows the brain to interpret the world around us. Control: Breathing, circulation, digestion an

Have we really evolved ?

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Know about Covid-19 Facts.

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